The mission of Beckley and Associates is to build capacity at your organization with a focus on sustainability so your staff and board may serve your clients and stakeholders more effectively.

Organizational and Community Assessments

Is your organization positioned for sustainability?
Do you know how stakeholders value your organization?
Do you know what areas are in need of capacity building?

Through completing the process, your team will receive an in-depth assessment of your organization’s capacity in the following areas:

  1. Program Mission & Strategy
  2. Program Design
  3. Client Satisfaction & Feedback Mechanisms
  4. Community Partnerships
  5. Marketing & Program Image
  6. Fundraising & Sustainability Strategies
  7. Financial Management
  8. Human Resource Utilization and Appreciation
  9. Use of Technology as a Management Tool
  10. Evaluation and Program Outcome
  11. Board Development


As a result, your organization will receive a written report with goals, priorities and an action plan to achieve sustainability.  Coaching services are available to work with team members to execute the action plan.

Other Services:
Consultations – Organizational consultations with report of findings, specific solutions, and action plan to implement recommendations
Executive Coaching – one-on-one business coaching to implement change, build capacity, and foster expansion of management and leadership skills
Executive Transition Services – Interim Executive Director and Senior Management services for short-term engagements